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18 May 2022 12:46


Who will be Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s partner in the series Kral Kaybederse? One of the three flash names has been eliminated!

Longtime Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ fans have been waiting eagerly for the famous actor to return to the screen. Tatlıtuğ, who played in the latest Çarpışma series, later took part in productions shot for digital platforms.

However, the recent mention of Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu with the TV series of the same name, which will be adapted from the name Kral Kaybederse, has made the fans of the actor very curious. There are reports that he looks at the proposal positively. Although no official statement has been made yet, the series is already known by the name of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ.

The actor, who is expected to portray the character of Kenan, the protagonist of the novel, is another matter of curiosity with which actress he will partner with. Three actresses were named for that female character who was extremely narcissistic and callous, and would destroy Kenan’s ego, surrounded by women.

It is said that the works for the series signed by OGM Pictures are continuing meticulously. According to the latest information in the backstage, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ was sat at the table for the character of Kenan and the actor is in principle positive. But the issue with a deal is unclear.

Let’s come to the female actress candidates! Although the name of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is not clear, the names of Neslihan Atagül, Serenay Sarıkaya and Büşra Develi are spoken for the female lead of the series. However, it was recently revealed that Neslihan Atagül agreed with another TV series of Star TV.

It has come to the fore that she will take a role in the TV series “Gecenin Ucunda” and that the series will be on the screen in September. After Neslihan Atagül was eliminated from the list of possible actresses, Serenay Sarıkaya and Büşra Develi remained. Both do not have any other projects visible at the moment. For this reason, it is also a matter of curiosity which of the two successful actresses will take part in the project.

Of course, apart from all these names, other names related to the series may come up. Although there is no clarity about the cast for now, viewers have already started to reflect their excitement about the series on social media. By the way, the audience does not miss the fact that they often say that they want to see Aslı Enver as the partner of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ.

Noting that the character of Fadi, who steals all of Kenan’s self-confidence, is a dark-haired woman in the novel, some viewers say that Serenay Sarıkaya does not fit this type at all. Many viewers pronounce the name Aslı Enver. In addition, the comments of the viewers, who think that Damla Sönmez would be a suitable name for Fadi, who has impressive looks, are seen on social media.

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