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16 May 2022 19:18


Who will be the most loved female TV series character of 2021? From Hande Erçel to Burcu Biricik, the list is full!

In 2021, many series met with the audience on television screens, both on television screens and on digital platforms.

Some of the series that made the final, some of them are still continuing. Instyle Turkey Magazine is choosing the ‘Best’s of 2021, just days before the end of 2021.

The character of the “Most Loved Female TV Series” of the year that we are preparing to finish on the social media account of the magazine was submitted to the vote of the followers.

Who is on the list? All of the names in the list of 10 female actors are very ambitious. The female characters played by Pınar Deniz, Burcu Biricik, Beren Saat, Hande Erçel, Cansu Dere, Eda Ece, Şevval Sam, Demet Evgar, Gökçe Bahadır and Öykü Karayel are among the names submitted to the vote.

Looking at the comments for now, one of the prominent names is Pınar Deniz, who made a big debut with the series Yargı on Kanal D. The actress who shares the lead role with Kaan Urgancıoğlu in the series makes a name for herself with her performance in the character of “Lawyer Ceylin”.

And Hande Erçel… It’s been a long time since the actress’s Sen Çal Kapımı series broadcast on Fox TV ended, but the character of “Eda Yıldız”, which she played in the series, was not forgotten. Hande Erçel, who shares the lead role with Kerem Bürsin in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, also makes a name for herself with the love she has with her co-star.

Another prominent name was Burcu Biricik. The actress, who gave life to the character of “Nalan” in Kanal D’s Camdaki Kız series for 2 seasons, also made a name for herself with the TV series Fatma, which was broadcast on Netflix this year. Fatma was loved so much that it was announced that the second season of the series would be shot.

The list of Instyle Turkey Magazine consists of very ambitious names, Let’s see which actress will be the character that will pull the rope.

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