Series News Why Turkish series was forbidden?

Why Turkish series was forbidden?


Turkish serials were stopped the week we passed the Arabic publications. The secret behind this development, which takes up considerable space in the Turkish, Saudi Arabian and US press, is being searched. The founder and CEO of MBC Group, Waleed al Ibrahim, was taken into custody in the course of the corruption operation that Saudi Arabia had launched over the past few months.

Waleed al Ibrahim had decided to finish the Turkish series as his first job after he had found his freedom.

Waleed Ibrahim’s get behind this decision cost the Turkish series and recently was stated to be tension in Turkey-Saudi line. Today the agreement between the business man who has achieved his freedom and the Riyadh administration has emerged.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal after meeting his freedom, Abraham said, “The Saudi government is working to get a 60% share of my media company. These feelings belong to relatives. I will be 40% of the BMC Group’s sales and I will continue to serve as chairman, “he said. Ibrahim denied his claims by saying that “I do not leave my company for my freedom” while saying that he will not quit the company.

Ibrahim, who was detained at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh by Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman, said, “I spent time at the Ritz Carlton but I was there as a witness. I do not sell my shares, if the government wants to get my company, I want to manage it, “he said.

In the past, Saudi Prince Muhammad has said that the Riyadh government wants to buy the MBC and wants to have a media establishment in the Middle East with about 150 million viewers per day. The sources close to Prince Muhammad emphasized that the agreement would soon be completed when he said, “The Prince wanted to get this channel for 2 years”.

While the Riyadh government announced that the agreement with the MBC would be completed in the coming days, Ibrahim gave a positive message in this regard.