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19 August 2022 09:38


Will Kerem Bürsin be the Istanbul of La Casa De Papel?

The echoes of Kerem Bürsin’s visit to Spain continue. Returning from Spain, Kerem Bürsin’s meeting with Alvaro Morte, who plays the character of Professor in La Casa De Papel, and his photographs together attracted great attention.

The last visit of Kerem Bürsin, who made three visits to Spain in a very short time, again created an event in the country. Spanish fans and media welcomed Kerem Bürsin with great enthusiasm. In Spain, Bürsin met with Alvaro Morte, who plays the character of Professor in La Casa De Papel, which has achieved great success worldwide.

The photos taken and published of Kerem Bürsin talking very seriously with Alvaro Morte caused interesting comments. A Spanish fan shared the photo of the duo with the comment “You will be known as Istanbul”. In the La Casa De Papel series, each of the characters was named after cities from different parts of the world.

This was, of course, a humorous post. However, Kerem Bürsin stated that they talked to Alvaro Morte on very important issues on their return to Turkey, and that there may be some projects in the future, although it is not yet certain. However, he did not give much detail on the subject.

Kerem Bürsin’s frequent visits to Spain also gave hope to his fans in this country. The Spanish-language website noted that it would not be surprising if Kerem Bürsin settled in this country. It was pointed out that Kerem Bürsin’s announcement that he will have new projects in Spain and his decision to learn Spanish on the other hand are the first signs of such a decision.

In the article, it was also noted that if Kerem Bürsin moves to Spain, he already has many friends. Reminding that Kerem Bürsin was a guest at Antonio Banderas’ house in Malaga, it was noted that if Kerem Bürsin settled in Spain, he would be welcomed with great happiness.

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