Series News Will the ‘A Little Murder’ series continue?

Will the ‘A Little Murder’ series continue?


One of Star TV’s most talked-about new seasons is the ‘A Little Murder’ series.

GökçeBahadır, AslıhanGürbüz, TülinÖzen, Badeİşçil and MertFirat are all brought together in an episode.

The series competing on Tuesday evening with a strong lineup is able to maintain a certain rating even if it does not reach the summit.

The series’s distinctive story and cast of actresses made it one of the most remarkable series of the season.

In the last episodes, there are many critically acclaimed productions due to Serhan’s stupid attitudes, the rounds around the same story, Oya’s purity, Merve’s winning in every form and condition, but still on Tuesday evenings.

The episode we have just passed is long, and the expected visibility has become evident in the comments on social media that have been re-captured. It is not known whether he will regain the interest he saw at the beginning of the season, but it is also seen as an activity.

The new episodes in the story of the series can re-accelerate the series, with Oya’s now-criticized ‘pure’ states starting to change and the only creator of the game being the Merve.

Because the regulars of the series reacted mostly to these issues and frequently criticized the scriptwriter Meriç Acemi with their comments.

It seemed that he was starting to find his counterparts and the ‘A Little Murder’ series started moving towards the end of the season.

Moreover, in the face of the inspectors questioning the murder in the new episodes, we will now sit on the main heroes of the series.

So the series is coming up with new surprises … If the acceleration of acceleration towards the end of the season is likely to continue next season.

There is no final decision on the knee yet. But there is no resumption. So the situation is still uncertain.

Star TV talks with the producer. In fact, information about the last stage is also circulating.

It was a critical process for the series. If it increases momentum in the coming weeks, it will also guarantee the new season.

We will continue to share with you the news about the ‘A Little Murder’ series …