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19 May 2022 21:21


Will the series of Yargı end or will it continue?

Will Kanal D’s popular TV series Yargı (Judgment) continue in the second season? TV critic Sina Koloğlu gave the answer to the question that the audience is most curious about.

Disney Plus digital platform, which will start broadcasting in Turkey in June, has signed agreements with many famous actors. The name of Pınar Deniz, the leading actress of the series Yargı is also among these actors.

Actors who have signed an agreement with Disney Plus will not be able to take part in another project. In this case, there was a question mark in the minds of the audience about what would be the fate of the Yargı series. TV critic Sina Koloğlu put an end to the question marks with his statement on his social media account.

Sina Koloğlu used the following expressions in his sharing; “Will the Yargı of Kanal D’s good works this season continue? News about Pınar Deniz has agreed with Disney Plus. I asked something like this. They said, ‘Big money has been offered, but she will not break the contract’. They was also said that the Yargı will continue next season. However, situations are uncertain in this sector, we may encounter surprises at any time.”

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