Series News ‘Wingless Birds’ series will final

‘Wingless Birds’ series will final


On the ATV screens, 43 episodes met with the audience on Thursday, wondering the fate of the ‘Wingless Birds’ series on the screen.

Now the final of the series is final …

On Thursday, May 3, there will be a series of in-depth stories to be published on the 44th episode.

It is unclear when the ATV will finalize the series of ‘Wingless Birds’, which he does not want to continue next season. It is also wondering how to finish with a final.

It’s a good chance to say goodbye in the first week of June, but there’s no clarity.

Melis üzüngüç, ÜmitİbrahimKantarcılar, AhmetVarlı, DenizBolışık, FatihAl are the leading actors in the series.

It was a successful production that started as a summer series and then continued on a new basis.

The series, which had a considerable audience size, was able to get very good ratings at the beginning of the season. But then these ratings started to fall.

The reason the ratings are falling is that the story is now exhausted. Actually, I have to admit that a big mistake was made on the series. This mistake came from the screenplay group … The screenwriters who did not realize that the story was running out over the last few weeks and could not drag the viewer through new events was the most important factor behind the series final.

The series that produced the Koliba Film actually entered the list abruptly. It seemed to be one of the productions that could possibly continue in the next season. However, the final decision was finalized. Because the story is over …

The point that the series does not bullshit is often criticized in the social media. In the scenario, the end of the series of hit points and the creation of new topics were final.