Woman power in [A Little Murder] TV drama
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29 September 2022 10:34


Woman power in [A Little Murder] TV drama

[A Little Murder] TV Drama:

The most popular woman of TV drama is Oya …

It plays the character of Oya [GökçeBahadır].

Oya is often criticized for her silence and sometimes for its purity.

However, Oya is standing on the feet of everyone is gaining appreciation.

Oya, who founded a brand new life after a slander in high school, is a physician of obstetrics and gynecology …

Oya, who escapes from building a nest to not be a child, does not trust people because of their lives.

Oya, although she remained on her own, was very much loved to come to these days from those days.

Oya, who broke the taboos that women’s only purpose was to set up a happy home, became popular because her uprightness tried to take care of everything.

Everyone is excitedly waiting for Oya, who can live without anyone in her life, to succeed in the plot too …

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