Women love this character!
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27 November 2022 07:54


Women love this character!

[Deniz – Fi]

We will promote the internet character Fi drama’s handsome musical Deniz character.

[MehmetGünsür] revived the character of Deniz.

[SerenaySarikaya] revived the character of Duru.

By the mercy of the Deniz charactor arrogance, everyone was actually a character to be involved.

Most people liked Deniz, who won the appreciation of everyone with his helping his students and having Duru.

Some saw it as the reason for Duru to become this, while others saw it as the only true love.

In spite of all the negativities they had with Duru, Deniz, who always stood beside him, and who never stopped loving him, managed to conquer almost every woman’s heart.

He was a sensitive man, besides his personality, and he made the people around him vulnerable to the events, a strong and sincere man he could ask for in every woman’s life.

Deniz, who was bound to Duru with a great love, whispered to protect him from what was passed between them. Every time he fell, he was the one holding him again and he struggled to make him happy.

Regardless, most of all, Deniz, who will remain in memory with his attitudes in the line and his love for Duru, joined the unforgettable characters.

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