Series News Wounded Love goes to the finals

Wounded Love goes to the finals


Levent Aktaş writes:

The Wounded Love TV series started the year we passed, and the first episode had settled in hearts!

Wounded Love has clashed almost every week in the summertime last season.

Especially this year, now the scenario is clogged and simple mistakes have caught attention!

Halit Ergenç won a victory against the Greek Army with a pistol!

We think that the master actor is also disturbed by this situation!

There is an interesting scene in the introduction of the 48th episode that will be on the screen on Thursday.

Cevdet and Leon face each other. Cevdet explains his true identity!

Understanding that Cevdet is working for the Turkish side, Leon directs his weapon to him.

Leon holds Cevdet responsible for the death of his father Vasili.

Leon is having a hard time facing the truth he hears.

Cevdet also admitted that he worked for the Turkish Army and that he struggled to get the Greeks out of his homeland!

In this section, the facts are now surfacing.

I think we are coming to the end of the story.

It seems like Wounded Love is leaving the final screen with a final finish.

Episode 48: