Series News Yalancı series is over, but Salih Bademci is remembered!

Yalancı series is over, but Salih Bademci is remembered!

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Salih Bademci did a great job in 3 different roles in 3 different TV series! Salih Bademci, who attracted attention with his TV series in 2021, surprised his fans with different roles in a row. The series named Yalancı made its finale on Show TV screen as of the 10th episode. On Blu TV, we watched the actor in the İlk ve Son series. He also did a good job in the Netflix series Kulüp.

The success of the famous actor in overlapping and different roles was appreciated by a wide fan base. Salih Bademci’s performance in the TV series “Yalancı” was also very successful. The actor, who had a good partnership with Burçin Terzioğlu, was remembered for his energy and her mastery of portraying different characters.

The actor, who partnered with Özge Özpirinçci in the İlk ve Son TV series, caught a good synergy with Gökçe Bahadır in the Kulüp TV series. One of the people who praised Salih Bademci was Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet.

The famous writer reminded that all three series were shot in 2021, and also touched on how productive the industry is.

Sina Koloğlu used the following expressions: “Bademci is played by a psychopathic surgeon in the series ‘Yalancı’, and by a thoughtful, elegant, defeated and lost man who could not get healthy love in ‘İlk ve Son’ (Blu TV), and neon lights in ‘Kulüp’. We are watching the star in a singer. Look, he shot these three series in 2021. The system I mentioned above. Each one is demanding, tiring and ambitious roles.”