Artists News Yalancılar ve Mumları are over, Ceren Moray rebelled!

Yalancılar ve Mumları are over, Ceren Moray rebelled!

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Ceren Moray was spotted by the cameras while she was wandering around the street with her husband, Niko Brun. The actress drew attention as he was relieved that the job was over.

After the important series such as the courtyard, the Teacher, which lasted 9 episodes, and Yalancılar ve Mumları series, which could continue for 5 episodes, was a great misfortune for the actress. Ceren Moray fans are also saddened by these two bad luck.

Both series were broadcast on Fox TV and they said goodbye to their broadcast lives due to low ratings. Explaining that she is resting right now, Ceren Moray said, “This season was really troubled. We put a lot of effort, we hoped too much, but it happened,” she said.

Underlining that there are many parameters for a series to not be successful, the actress pointed out that the audience has different preferences this season.

The actress said, “This season, the audience is different, according to each season. That’s why I don’t know much,” she said.

Explaining that she was meticulous in her project selections in general, Ceren Moray implied that she had such a misfortune this season.

Explaining that the lack of audience interest was heartbreaking, Ceren Moray expressed her sadness that a project for which they worked so hard took a short time:

“You put in a lot of effort, you create a character, almost two months passed by finding that woman. It’s like labor pains.. It’s really a bit of a disappointment that it doesn’t respond afterward. It’s heart breaking.”

Explaining that she does not have a preference for digital or television series, the actress added that the whole team is experiencing great sadness.