Yalnız Kurt pushed, but Arka Sokaklar won the first place in the ratings! What did Aziz and Kaderimin Oyunu do?
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29 November 2022 20:43


Yalnız Kurt pushed, but Arka Sokaklar won the first place in the ratings! What did Aziz and Kaderimin Oyunu do?

In the Friday competition, all channels have very ambitious projects and 7 TV series compete with each other on the screen at the same time. The TV series Arka Sokaklar, broadcast on Kanal D, won the first place in the category of all people, again leaving all its competitors behind. Finishing the day in sixth place in the EU group, the series took fourth place in ABC1.

Let’s say that the new series called Yalnız Kurt, which was broadcast on the ATV screen and deeply impressed the audience with its third episode, came in second in all categories. Yalnız Kurt, which was at the top with the first episode but fell in the second episode, found its own audience. However, this audience is not yet at the point where they can make the series the first.

On the Show TV screen, the Aziz series continues to keep its viewers on the screen. We can state that Aziz is in a good condition with the ratings well above the average. The fourth place in all people and the third place in the AB and ABC1 groups will be considered a success for the series.

Let’s say that the eighth episode of the series “Kaderimin Oyunu” achieved similar ratings to the previous week and entered the top 10 in all categories, fulfilling Star TV’s expectation.

On the other hand, the Fox TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam, which started in September and lasted until February, brought the story structure of the drama back to the romantic comedy in the first period. The 32nd episode of Aşk Mantık İntikam has been released and the audience is pleased with this change. Although the ratings are slightly below average in all categories, the audience will not leave the series until the finale in episode 39.

In an environment where the ratings of the Red Room have dropped, tv8 production will be on the screen with its 61st episode next week and will make a final with its 62nd episode to be broadcast next week.

Let’s point out that the TV series Aşkın Yolculuğu Hacı Bayram-ı Veli, the first episode of which was broadcast on TRT1, also received average ratings, ranking fourth in the EU group. The series, which ranked 15th in all people, finished the day 8th on ABC1.

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