Yalnız Kurt will be the new trump card of atv!
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4 February 2023 11:13


Yalnız Kurt will be the new trump card of atv!

There is a group of viewers eagerly awaiting the ATV series called Yalnız Kurt. The fact that it is a meticulously prepared project by the producer Osman Sinav makes Yalnız Kurt stand out.

There was great interest in the 2 trailers that were previously released for the series. Now the third trailer has been released and the excitement has increased. As a series reminiscent of the first season of the Kurtlar Vadisi, which tells about the events that took place behind the scenes in the state, Yalnız Kurt attracted the attention of many viewers.

Those who watch the trailers of the series, starring Hasan Denizyaran and Cihan Ünal, express their opinions that Kurtlar Vadisi is a production that can give you the taste of the first period.

It is certain that the series, which will bring a different perspective to the events in our country with the process that started with Turkey’s entry into NATO in 1956, will make you think a lot.

The third trailer of the series, in which important actors such as Damla Colbay, Kürşat Alnıçık, Murat Han and Deniz Evin took part, was also very impressive.

Producer Osman Sinav also drew attention with the words he said about his new series: “Despite everything, this series is my search for the stance and character we need to be able to walk.”

Here is the third trailer of the new ATV series called Yalnız Kurt, which draws attention with its slogan “There is no place for love in the lives of orphan wolves”:

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