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6 July 2022 03:00


Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu is preparing to inspire all women by sharing her experiences!..

Talented actress Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu again received full marks from her fans with her character “Füsun” in Star TV’s TV series Annemizi Saklarken.

But the actress’s new series adventure was short-lived this time. It was decided to make the finale of Annemizi Saklarken, the series will bid farewell to the screens with the final episode to be broadcast this week.

Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu was overwhelmed by the excitement of a new venture. The actress shared her excitement with her followers on her Instagram account. The famous actress explained her new venture with the words she wrote under the photo she shared;

“Yesterday on the set, when I was talking with @isikszn about industry, life science and femininity, the topic came to @ycb.19. She asked what exactly happened, what would happen; let’s explain sir: @ycb.19 is the name we chose as a personal brand name with our team of amazing women. Top header umbrella of everything we will share from now on. Ycb stands for we know, 1️⃣9️⃣ is the number of miracles that I fell in love with. (Because there are 19 on it)

The main goal of this formation is to create a platform. Those who follow me know, five years ago, here “how can we get rid of our inner trucker Namık?” I was writing articles titled. It was my period of heavy testing as a human being. (Those who are curious about that story can find it by writing ‘Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu Ted Talks’ on YouTube)

It was a time when my life slipped out of my hands, and more honestly, I lost myself. Afterwards, I had a deep confrontation and questioning. I finally realized that healing can only come by transforming myself. Oh, by the way, I swore to get rid of the “truckman Namık” inside me, which came out of both my personal story and the sectoral obligation. Because I was clear that I no longer want to live in a female body with a male mask.

In these six years, I have experienced many healing methods such as therapy, theta healing, yin yoga, sound therapy, access bars, somatic dialog, high heals. I learned to go down to the wells inside myself and accept that scared, injured girl first and then love, make happy and protect it. (I mean, the transformation issue went down from 110 kilos to 59, so life is not a holiday. I wish it was that simple…)

@ycb.19 is an organization we established to share the tools of this transformation. I hope that our website will be opened soon, where we will share this information in more detail. After that, our other surprises are on the way, respectively. If you need to meet your inner female, @ycb.19 I wish you a useful road map on this road. For the sake of femininity.”

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