Artists News Yeşim’s transformation in the series Aldatmak blew even Asena Girişken’s mind!

Yeşim’s transformation in the series Aldatmak blew even Asena Girişken’s mind!


The first season of the series “Aldatmak” (Deception), which is broadcast on the ATV screen on Thursday evenings, is about to end. The ratings of the series, which brings together experienced names such as Vahide Perçin, Mustafa Uğurlu and Ercan Kesal, are above the average. With the appreciation of the story, there is a possibility that ATV will keep the series on air for another season. Playing the character of Yeşim in the story of the series, Asena Girişken continues to surprise the audience with a very different character.

Yeşim went beyond being an ordinary woman with children and turned into a woman who can do anything. Of course, this transformation was a step towards the worse with the description of the actress. Asena Girişken knew the transformation in the character of Yeşim from the very beginning and this situation was also effective in her choosing to play the role.

The actress said, “I am very excited about Yeşim’s scale, what she can do, it is very enjoyable and exciting to play her.”

Expressing that she knew that Yeşim would transform into a bad female character in the early days of the trial shooting, Asena Girişken stated that this was a very attractive situation for her.

Yeşim's transformation in the series Aldatmak blew even Asena Girişken's mind! 7

The actress said, “I am very excited about his transformation. Excited to be back like this. When you look at it, she had a 5-year-old daughter, had been married for 5 years, and had a very quiet life. I was very excited to know that I was going to play the transition from here to there. I was very curious when I would transform,” she explained.

After appearing in front of the audience as a naive mother, the character’s sudden departure towards a bad woman was one of the most interesting aspects of the series Aldatmak.

Expressing that she is very pleased with the role of Yeşim, Asena Girişken has different experiences in the acting profession with a female character who is belligerent and harms her surroundings with intrigues.

Asena Girişken said the following about the character: “I feel sorry for Yeşim because I went deep into Yeşim and tried to understand it. Actually, the lead woman didn’t get lost, it’s the same woman, she just doesn’t know how to deal with it. She is acting in such a hurry because she can’t think straight. She finally knows it’s wrong, she realizes it, but now she’s done it. Shines very quickly Yeşim acts without thinking. But I feel sorry for Yeşim.”