Artists News You are the best villain of the series! Praise upon Nazlı Senem Ünal is pouring in!

You are the best villain of the series! Praise upon Nazlı Senem Ünal is pouring in!


The interest shown to Nazlı Senem Ünal, who has successfully performed in the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters), which is airing on Kanal D on Tuesday evenings, continues to increase. The character of Mine, who comes between the characters of Türkan and Somer like a black cat and makes the story very effective, is shown as one of the important reasons for the high ratings of the series.

In the great conflict between Mine and Türkan, Nazlı Senem Ünal’s interpretation of this character, which attracts everyone’s attention with its evil, is one of the successful details of the Üç Kız Kardeş series. The interest in the actor continues to increase every week on social media.

As the tension between Mine and Türkan continues, the actress not only makes herself admired by wider audiences, but also receives praise and praise for her successful performance on social media.

The comments made by social media users are also very interesting. The character of Mine, which is described as the most beautiful villain among the TV series, now has a very different place in Nazlı Senem Ünal’s career.

Some of the comments made by the audience for Nazlı Senem Ünal, who continues to be one of the names that left her mark on the Twitter environment on Tuesdays, are as follows:

“My favorite actress, excellent acting villain Nazlı Senem Ünal”

“The woman who gave the drama a different feel has never played her villainous role so plainly and plainly. Very natural Nazli Senem Unal.”

“Nazlı Senem Ünal impresses with her acting.”

“You are the worst of the screens, Nazlı Senem Ünal.”

“She is moving to the top of her acting career.”