Artists News You can understand the mood of Hazal Filiz Küçükköse by looking at her dressing style!

You can understand the mood of Hazal Filiz Küçükköse by looking at her dressing style!


Hazal Filiz Küçükköse is once again in a strong drama story as the female lead of the new TV series Üvey Anne (Stepmother), which continues to meet with the audience on ATV.

The young actress appeared in front of the audience with a female character named Serap, who seems to be very good, but can do all kinds of evil for her purposes in the background, in the series in which she starred with Kutsi.

After the TV series “Bir Peri Masalı” (A Fairy Tale), which lasted 13 episodes last season, the famous actress goes on sets again in the summer, both conducting an intense work program for the series and appearing in special shoots or invitations.

Hazal Filiz Küçükköse, who also took part in a special shoot and showed her beauty, said that she was very skillful in adapting to the environment she was in.

The actress said, “I am a person who usually embraces the spirit of the environment I am in, so the team has become a very important, beautiful team. Whatever the mode of the day is, I can enter that mode very quickly. Since I am in the same spirit with the team, I have sets that progress very quickly, I do not have difficulty, it is very enjoyable.”

With these words, the actress, who explained that she can handle all kinds of hard work when she is with a good team, is described as one of the important female actors of the last period.

Küçükköse also mentioned that she can reconcile her style with her daily energy and said, “If my mood feels nice and good, I choose a style that is close to it. They complement each other and something beautiful emerges. That’s why my energy is so important. I reflect the energy I felt that day into my style,” she said.

Explaining that she wears black when her mood is low, the actress added that she usually wears colorful clothes, and that she also likes white and pastel tones.

The actress said, “If my mood is low that day, I definitely wear black. But I usually like to dress in color. Blacks used to be my preferred mode a long time ago. I also love white colors, light colors, more powder and pastel tones in general,” she said.