Series News You can witness interesting things in the Ateş Kuşları series! Tips from Erdem Şanlı and Boncuk Yılmaz!

You can witness interesting things in the Ateş Kuşları series! Tips from Erdem Şanlı and Boncuk Yılmaz!


Erdem Şanlı plays the character of Zıpkın in the TV series Ateş Kuşları (Firebirds). The series, which aired on Friday evenings, is one of the ambitious projects of ATV in the new season. Starring Hande Soral, Burak Tozkoparan, Görkem Sevindik and İlayda Alişan in the lead roles, the series comes to the audience every week with a strong drama story.

Erdem Şanlı has become one of the names that talk more than himself with the new series. It is observed that the interest towards the actor has increased with the effect of the character of Zıpkın on social media.

The actor, who also plays an effective role in the story of the series, offered some information about the upcoming episodes.

The famous actorsaid, “Zıpkın can witness interesting things in that house. It starts slowly. Because people at home have nowhere to run. They will want to do something somewhere,” he said.

In the TV series Ateş Kuşları, the character of Nazmiye is played by Boncuk Yılmaz. Boncuk Yılmaz, who was talked about with her performance in the Zeytin Ağacı (Olive Tree) series broadcast on Netflix in 2022, made a strong entrance to the television screen with the Ateş Kuşları project.

Playing the character of Nazmiye, the actress became a partner with Serkan Ercan. Nazmiye and Menderes seem to be the critical characters that started everything in the story.

The duo is buried in big events and they are trying to get out of this situation. Serkan Ercan said that he hopes to get out of the situation for the future of the character.

On the other hand, Boncuk Yılmaz said, “I think they are doing great, all their panics and worries take a short time. Because they are used to living with it. Because that’s how their lives went, because they had to go on like this. Solve it immediately and find a new one, they continue that way again. They can come up with a solution very quickly. I find both Nazmiye and Menderes intelligent.”