"You wait for the new season!" Kerem Bürsin said goodbye to the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı
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4 February 2023 07:52


“You wait for the new season!” Kerem Bürsin said goodbye to the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı

Sen Çal Kapımı (Love Is In The Air), which started to appear on Fox TV last summer and continued on its way during the season, took a break for a while. The season finale was held on Saturday evening, last week, for the series, which was decided to rest the players and the team, who have been working non-stop for about 10 months, and renewed in the summer season and decided to return with surprise developments.

Kerem Bürsin, who gave life to the character of Serkan in the series, and Hande Erçel, who played Eda, were wondering how they would share their Instagram accounts after the last episode.

The two actors, who are well-suited to each other and keep screen harmony, never fall from the agenda of social media, especially with their romantic comedy series.

They are spoken of by their posts on social media as well as with the series. With the release of the season finale on Saturday evening, Hande Erçel made the following post.

After Erçel, Kerem Bürsin’s sharing was also eagerly awaited. Bürsin reposted Erçel’s post the next day and said goodbye.

Later, he made words that would excite his followers through a post by Neslihan Yeldan. The player added the note, “It’s not over yet, you wait for the new season.”

Kerem Bürsin, also for himself “How is Kerem on the set?” “He’s a naughty one. Professional, smart, creative. Love you so much. He was also responding to his promise. However, his words excited those who were waiting for the new episodes of the series Sen Çal Kapımı.

Another post was shared by the Melo of the series, Elfin Afacan. For the video with the behind-the-scenes footage of a dance scene on the set, Bürsin dropped the note “We are like this, what else do we have”.

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