Artists News You will be surprised at the works Kerem Bürsin did before his acting career!

You will be surprised at the works Kerem Bürsin did before his acting career!


The famous actor Kerem Bürsin grew up in America and returned to Turkey in 2013, found a chance in TV series and has had a successful process until today. In his acting career, Sen Çal Kapamı (Love is in the Air) is as important to Kerem Bürsin as the project called Güneşi Beklerken (Waiting for the Sun).

Güneşi Beklerken was the series that he made his debut and made the producers realize. On the other hand, “Sen Çal Kapımı” is referred to as a series that made it reach a wide fan base in many countries of the world. Despite Kerem Bürsin’s successful work, he had to work in many different jobs before his acting career.

The famous actor occasionally makes statements about his experiences before acting. Kerem Bürsin, this time, also touched on what kind of work he is dealing with and made the following statement:

“Crawling… I was a waitress. I worked in a nightclub. I cleaned the gym’s toilets and washed their dirty towels. I’ve been a driver. I was also working in a social media company. It was difficult. I was driving, opening the gym at 4 am. I would get out of there at 12 and go to chauffeur. I was working at the club at night. I used to sleep in the parking lot most of the time, I had such a period. I was doing everything but not acting. And I’m doing it for the sake of acting.”

Kerem Bürsin said that while he was working at this pace, when there were test shoots, things got complicated and he had a hard time participating in these shoots, and he had to go through this process by constantly telling lies.