You'll fall into a new puzzle in the Teşkilat series
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4 February 2023 12:02


You’ll fall into a new puzzle in the Teşkilat series

Teşkilat series continues on TRT1 screen on Sunday evenings. The competition for ratings between the Yargı and Teşkilat is also quite fierce. The rates are very close to each other, but the Yargı won first place in 2 categories last week. This week, Teşkilat series will make an effort to get ahead.

The 25th new episode of the series will be broadcast on Sunday, December 5th: In the new episode, Serdar and Zehra find themselves in a new puzzle… You will watch images that will excite the audience. ‘Teşkilat’, whose new episode is eagerly awaited, will continue to make a name for itself with its extraordinary story that will set the agenda, its action scenes and its magnificent production.

What will happen this week in The Order? Here are the details: The explosion in Libya puts Halit and his team in a difficult situation. A new plan is needed for the exit from Libya. Moreover, there is someone very important for the team to save in order to complete the deal in the Eastern Mediterranean. For this, Serdar and Zehra need to set things right in Germany.

Ceren steps in at a time when all the truths about Serdar’s experiences will emerge. With Yıldırım’s plan, Serdar and Zehra find themselves in a new puzzle. The duo sets up a new game involving Ceren to solve the problem in Libya. When this game is about to change the fate of the whole team, some uninvited guests come into play.

‘Teşkilat’ will be on TRT 1 at 20.00 on Sunday, December 5th with its exciting new episode…

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