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29 May 2022 05:34


Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and Gizem Güneş met in the series for a very special message!

You will soon see Yunus Emre Yıldırımer and Gizem Güneş on the television screen again. Atv’s new series, Adı Sevgi, will impress everyone with its powerful mission!

It is clear from the trailers that the young actors will be a good partner. The two names that are ascribed to each other will make an effort to spread a strong story to large masses. This series has a strong mission… You will see the traces of the great effort given by the teachers in the series, which will focus on social problems.

Dreams and hopes on one hand… Realities on the other… Adı Sevgi, which emerged as a story of hope in a process full of disappointments that we often experience in today’s society, will reveal the love of a young teacher’s profession.

Gizem Güneş will be at the center of the story in the character of Elif Türkkan, who is chasing her dreams. As a Turkish Language and Literature teacher assigned to a small town called Sarpça, Gizem Güneş is an inspiring, determined, beautiful and elegant young woman.

A teacher character who loves her students with what life has taught her through difficulties will give great social messages on the ATV screen.

Elif Türkkan, who set out to be hope for the helplessness of a student named Zeynep, will change the lives of many children.

Are you ready to watch a loving and honorable struggle? The relentless struggle of a young teacher with determination, love and sacrifice will connect you to the screen. The change it created in students, families and the whole town is actually a situation that has examples in real life.

Emphasizing social problems, examples of which we frequently encounter in real life, “Adı Sevgi” will be appreciated with its impressive story and will soon become a favorite of the audience. The release date of the new series has not been clarified, but it is expected to start on the ATV screen very soon.

Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, whom we will watch in the character of Emir Baykara, will surprise everyone. The actor, who will appear on the screen as the son of a philanthropic businessman of the region, will appear in the series with a charismatic and impressive identity.

Emir Baykara, who was completing his education abroad years ago, will wage war against his older brother Ekrem Baykara, who used the power he seized after his father’s death, and his family gathered around him.

Emir is trying to bring justice and enlightenment to the district by making conscience and honesty its main principle, and to bring the true values ​​of his family back to the district. Emir’s path crosses with Elif, the newly appointed high school teacher in this war. The great and conflicting love he has with Elif makes his path even more clear.

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