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5 July 2022 10:03


Zehra and Serdar came to the brink of death in the Teşkilat series!

Teşkilat, one of the popular TV series of TRT1 screens, continues on its way with its second season. The 33rd episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Sunday, February 6, has faced a slight drop in ratings in recent weeks. Everyone was surprised by Teşkilat dramatic decline in the face of the Yargı series.

‘Teşkilat’, which has been at the top since the day it was broadcast on TRT 1 screens, will come to the screens with its thirty-third episode to be broadcast on Sunday, February 6th. ‘Teşkilat’, whose new episode is eagerly awaited, will continue to make a name for itself with its extraordinary story, action-packed scenes and magnificent production.

Yıldırım, who received another blow with the death of Elçi, pursues a big profiteering. The plan that Nemesis put into practice for its first step will also be the beginning of a series of events that will deeply affect all of Turkey. In the operation to find out what Yıldırım’s plan is, the team confronts a new reality they never knew before. This confrontation reveals new plans with many problems.

On the other hand, Halit gets new information about his daughter. In the light of this new information, Halit shoots Yıldırım from an unexpected place.

With the emergence of Nemesis, while Serdar and Zehra are on the verge of death, unexpected new surprises arise for Serdar. ‘Teşkilat’ is on TRT 1 at 20.00 on Sunday evening with its exciting new episode…

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