1 year with Demet Özdemir is amazing for Oğuzhan Koç!
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9 February 2023 16:30


1 year with Demet Özdemir is amazing for Oğuzhan Koç!

The love of Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç emerged at the beginning of the year, but it was later understood that they had been together before. Oğuzhan Koç pointed out that the first year of their love is approaching.

Oğuzhan Koç, who evaluated the time that has passed since the first day of their love when asked by journalists, as “wonderful”, is very satisfied with his life. Oğuzhan Koç, who has recently focused on music and put acting in the background, said that they will celebrate the first year with his lover Demet Özdemir.

Stating that he did not forget the date when their love started and that he was meticulous in these matters, Oğuzhan Koç said, “We are very happy. Everything is fine,” he said.

Is she considering making a marriage proposal to Demet Özdemir? This question was also asked to Oğuzhan Koç. Koç said, “Can I tell you that? Time will show this too,” he replied quite logically.

After the separation claim against them, Demet Özdemir made a statement on social media and announced that this situation was not real. Oğuzhan Koç stated that he does not dominate social media, but that his lover dominates social media and that they got rid of gossip by denying immediately.

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