Artists News 10 great lessons by Oktay Kaynarca from the coronavirus!

10 great lessons by Oktay Kaynarca from the coronavirus!


The famous actor Oktay Kaynarca, who gave life to the character of Hızır Çakırbeyli in the series “ The Bandit, said that with the coronavirus epidemic, people realized some things. With Oktay Kaynarca; The team consisting of Esra Bilgiç, Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Birand Tunca brings the associations they need to the agenda by making a live chat program.

Oktay Kaynarca drew attention with the statements he made at the second meeting of this conversation. The actor listed 10 important topics that the coronavirus reminds people:

1) He taught each other to be patient. We are enough for each other.

2) He taught that we have to love each other.

3) He taught each other that we need. We need each other as people.

4) He explained that our world is a very beautiful place.

5) It showed what we do to our world. He made each of us think, “What have we done?”
“I think we have done treason, to the environment we live in,” he said.

6) We see that the air is cleaned.

7) Everyone was medicine for each other. Eventually he gains favor.

8) We missed hugging each other. How important it is to hug, touch.

9) Signs of wealth that are made unnecessary to show off … We realized that they were all excess, burden, nonsense.

10-We realized that none of us needed any of those big buildings covering the sky.

Oktay Kaynarca explained that we have to realize these facts and said, “There is a lot that the coronavirus has taught us. Also, the new world order will be different from now on.”