Artists News There are many who praise and criticize Ebru Şahin’s Destan series!

There are many who praise and criticize Ebru Şahin’s Destan series!

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The first trailer of the series called Destan, which is expected to meet the audience on ATV screens soon, has been released. Fans of the series also experienced great excitement. Ebru Şahin fascinated everyone with her Akkız character in the series whose story takes place in the 8th century… Of course, both the costumes, the decorations and the environment created seem successful… Ebru Şahin’s new image also pleased many of her fans.

The famous actress, whose hair is different and who draws the image of a she-wolf with her costumes, also received a passing grade from her fans as she will appear on the screen as a strong female figure.

The comments made on social media after the first trailer of Destan series are remarkable. Some viewers criticize that producer Mehmet Bozdağ gives too much importance to historical productions and produces similar series. The producer, who created a great plateau for Kuruluş Osman series, preferred to take advantage of this plateau by creating different series.

The Steppe Lion Celaleddin and then Destan series emerged as a product of this point of view.

Some series fans like such productions and think that they are presented with a good fiction. Bozdağ Film, which was highly criticized in the first season of Kuruluş Osman, made a major renewal in the second season and satisfied the audience. The third season of the ATV series has also started and the audience is very pleased with the progress.

As a result; Ebru Şahin fans are very pleased to see the actress with a new and different character. Those who are interested in historical TV series are also waiting for Destan with excitement. However, those who are tired of or do not prefer such productions also use their right to criticize on social media.