After Arka Sokaklar, a series deal like a bomb from Yüsra Geyik!
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9 December 2022 11:56


After Arka Sokaklar, a series deal like a bomb from Yüsra Geyik!

Young actress Yüsra Geyik ran from success to success with the Arka Sokaklar team for many years. The young actress, whom she wrote to the minds of the audience with the character named Zeliha, managed to impress millions as the daughter of Hüsnü Shepherd’s character.

Yüsra Geyik took an important decision to take new steps in her career and to drag herself into different adventures with different roles. In June, it was revealed that Yüsra Geyik left the project after the 15th season finale of Arka Sokaklar. Everyone was surprised by this separation of the actress. Because leaving a project that lasted for 15 years and where everything was guaranteed with a family atmosphere was not something everyone could decide.

Yüsra Geyik chose the difficult one in order to improve herself and write new roles for her career. The new series of the young actress has also appeared. Yüsra Geyik, who switched to Camdaki Kız, another Kanal D series after Arka Sokaklar, surprised everyone with this decision.

Camdaki Kız is in the top 3 of the most successful productions of this season. Taking part in such an important production is a very important development for the career of the actress.

Fans of Yüsra Geyik, who will attract attention in the new season with her drama performance, are also eagerly waiting for her in the new series.

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