Series News Yiğit Kirazcı’s series secret was revealed by his lover Pınar Deniz!

Yiğit Kirazcı’s series secret was revealed by his lover Pınar Deniz!

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Famous actor Yiğit Kirazcı has become one of the popular names in the TV series world with his highly professional and successful works. The actor, who has exhibited his talents in the projects he has taken part in, has also attracted attention with his humble personality.

The duo of Pınar Deniz and Yiğit Kirazcı took the leading roles in the movie Aşkın Kıyameti, and the duo met on the set and turned their friendship into love. The couple, who are very apt to each other, also stand out with their positive energy. Yiğit Kirazcı has been on the sets since 2011 and has many TV series and movies in his career.

The actor has been playing the leading role in the TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, which was broadcast on Tuesday evenings on Fox TV. Pınar Deniz, who plays the character of Yıldırım, revealed a secret of the actress… Pınar Deniz said that Yiğit Kirazcı carefully followed his own TV series.

In fact, although this seems normal, many actors do not even watch their own series either because they do not want to see themselves on the screen or because they do not have the habit of watching television. This is a known fact in the industry.

Yiğit Kirazcı's series secret was revealed by his lover Pınar Deniz! 7

Yiğit Kirazcı shows how professional he is here. The actor, who follows his own series and learns from it, also gets the opportunity to see his mistakes or shortcomings.

Yiğit Kirazcı said, “Everything is going well. I’m going to the set. Our rating is not bad either,”.

Yiğit Kirazcı said the following on the question asked with the thought that his perspective on marriage might have changed after the TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey:

Yiğit Kirazcı said, “It hasn’t changed after the series. I already have a point of view against marriage and it hasn’t changed after the series.”

When the reporters referred to the subject of marriage with Pınar Deniz, Yiğit Kirazcı stated that such things can be discussed when the time comes. The actor said, “This is not the time to talk about such things”.