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20 May 2022 20:19


Demet Özdemir’s film Love Tactics finally got the first comment from Oğuzhan Koç!

The romantic comedy movie called Love Tactics, which has been released on Netflix in the past days, still maintains its place in the Top 10 list. The film, which managed to reach the top 4 in the world rankings for a while, is also welcomed by the audience.

Especially Demet Özdemir fans around the world had been waiting for the release of the movie with great excitement. The movie, which climbed to the top of the list immediately after its release, is still talked about. The movie, which was released on February 11, does not fall off the agenda of social media.

Demet Özdemir, who plays the leading role with Şükrü Özyıldız, is currently on the agenda, although not with her TV series. In addition to her domestic fans, the number of foreign fans is also quite high with the TV series she starred in.

For this reason, the Netflix broadcast of the movie was awaited with great excitement and curiosity by Demet Özdemir’s fans in Turkey and many countries abroad. Therefore, it rose to the top of the lists in the first days of its publication.

It was watched by 16 million 860 thousand people in 10 days and took the first place in the world ranking with a considerable number. In the meantime, the comment of singer-actress Oğuzhan Koç, who Demet Özdemir has been with for a while and is preparing for marriage, was also a matter of curiosity.

After 10 days, Oğuzhan Koç made his first comment about his girlfriend’s movie during the week. He congratulated his beloved by sharing the poster of the movie on Instagram and called for ‘Ace flags’.

Demet Özdemir also posted this post on her own account and gave a humorous answer, “If I hang it, you will see it”. This dialogue between the couple was a detail that made the fans of the duo smile.

In the meantime, it was learned that Demet Özdemir had agreed with Disney Plus, which has recently entered the Turkish market. The actress is expected to take a role in a series of the new digital platform Disney Plus…

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