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18 August 2022 15:20


Engin Akyürek managed to surprise everyone, a great promotional opportunity was created for his new series

Fox TV’s popular series Mahkum (Prisoner) made its season finale with its 24th episode aired on Thursday, June 2nd. The audience of the series, which was watched with excitement, encountered such a surprise in the season finale that no one could understand what happened before! The person and conversation with the Prosecutor Fırat, who was walking in the courthouse corridors, surprised everyone!

While Fırat is walking in the courthouse, a person named Mehmet suddenly appears before him. Mehmet, played by Engin Akyürek, says he wants to make real news by arguing over the phone with a war correspondent and editor. At that moment, the Prosecutor, who overheard these, smiled at the situation and said, “The truth is not kept waiting, like justice!” says…

Although most of the audience understood the situation, this scene was a shocking scene for many people. What was Engin Akyürek doing in the series Mahkum?

In fact, this was a very striking introduction of the digital platform Disney Plus, which will be talked about more with its opening soon. Kaçış (Escape) is the first TV series of Disney Plus Turkey. The series, starring İrem Helvacıoğlu and Engin Akyürek, is also the most important production in the showcase as the first original series of Disney Plus.

Engin Akyürek plays a war correspondent in the Disney Plus series Escape, which will start broadcasting on June 14. His name is Mehmet. This character of Akyürek appeared in the TV series Mahkum for advertising purposes. Akyürek, who was a guest actor in Mahkum on the surprise stage, gave a nice surprise to the audience. This scene was launched as the integration of the scenario fictionalized as part of the promotional activities of the escape series.

Mehmet, who was walking with his friend in the courthouse corridor and talking to his editor on the phone, said, “What do you mean, I will only do the news you say. I just want to report the truth. I want to do real news, okay?” While he was talking, Prosecutor Fırat, who passed by him, turned with a smile and said, “If you are chasing the truth, you are in trouble. But don’t good people have to be as brave as bad people? Facts are not kept on hold, like justice,” he says.

Seeing the character of Mehmet, played by Engin Akyürek in the series Escape, in the season finale of the series Mahkum, created great excitement in the audience. Yağız Alp Akaydın directed the series Escape, which was produced by O3 Medya and Same Film. The script was written by Ali Doğançay.

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