Artists News The TV series Şahane Hayatım is of great importance for Onur Tuna and for Fox TV!

The TV series Şahane Hayatım is of great importance for Onur Tuna and for Fox TV!


Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life) series continues to be broadcast on Wednesday evenings. It was noteworthy that the series received above average ratings in the second episode.

In an environment where an important production such as Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman) moved to Wednesday evenings, the TV series Şahane Hayatım became one of the most important debuts of Fox TV this season.

Fox TV, which started this season with good projects with the TV series Wild, Hudutsuz Sevda, Kirli Sepeti and Bambaşka Biri, is pleased to get better results from another series.

The TV series Şahane Hayatım started with very good ratings last week, and it was a matter of curiosity whether the same ratings would come this week. The results were revealed and the series achieved even better results in the ratings compared to last week, which increased the morale of the team.

Onur Tuna, who appeared in the TV series Yasak Elma for 2 seasons, continues to meet his audience with different characters on Fox TV screens. The actor, who also starred in the TV series called Mahkum (Prisoner) in the previous season, had the misfortune that this series, which had a very good debut in the first season, had to say goodbye to the screen in a short time in the second season.

Now, the famous actor, who chose the Fox TV screen again with the TV series Şahane Hayatım, once again appears before his fans with a project that achieved good ratings.

Onur Tuna, whom we watch as a charismatic police officer named Mesut, performs very successfully in this character, known for his sharp intelligence and stubbornness.

As Mesut’s character encounters dilemmas he has never experienced before, Onur Tuna’s acting skills and his success in conveying the character’s emotions to the audience become evident.