3 separation shocked, will the Barbaroslar series make the final or will it continue?
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4 February 2023 19:04


3 separation shocked, will the Barbaroslar series make the final or will it continue?

The low ratings of the TV series Barbaroslar, which met with the audience on TRT1 on Thursday evenings, surprises everyone. The fact that the series did not deliver what was expected has been talked about since the beginning of the season. expected to be at the top. However, it was revealed with the story that these expectations were not realistic from the first episodes.

The Barbaroslar series still has a strong audience, and this audience expects the series to continue in the second season. It is known that TRT1’s plans are to continue the series… The morale of the audience was also upset due to the separations in the Barbaroslar series.

First, it was revealed that Pelin Akil would leave. Then, it was a shock that the leading actor Engin Altan Düzyatan was also going to say goodbye to the series. Then it turned out that Cemre Gümeli, who later joined the series and was successful with the character of Meryem, would also say goodbye.

Pelin Akil, who plays the character of Isabel in the 30th episode, will say goodbye.

Engin Altan Düzyatan, who plays the character of Oruç Reis in the 31st episode, will leave.

Then you will watch the farewell of Cemre Gümeli, whom we watched as Meryem in episode 32.

There is also an important message given by these separations towards the end of the first season. If TRT1 does not make a change at the last minute, the Barbaroslar series will continue and the second season seems to be much more effective.

During the summer break, there is an opportunity for the team to make up for the shortcomings, reorganize the story and achieve the great success of the Barbaroslar next season with new characters.

If this opportunity is evaluated well, the Barbaroslar series may come to a point where it can mark the next season. Do not be surprised if you often hear about the preparations for the series and the developments about the new players during the summer period.

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