She came to the TV series Barbaroslar as a savior, now it's time to leave for Cemre Gümeli!
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29 January 2023 00:01


She came to the TV series Barbaroslar as a savior, now it’s time to leave for Cemre Gümeli!

The Barbaroslar  series, which is broadcast on TRT1, appeared before the audience with a very big claim at the beginning of this season. However, the first episodes of the series were not as effective as expected. Since the expectations were high in the first episodes and the audience was not that impressed, the high ratings started to drop.

In the next period, both the director, the scriptwriter and some of the actors of the series were changed. During this change, one of the names who participated in the story was Cemre Gümeli with the character of Meryem. The young actress entered the series with an effective role and was one of the actors who was seen as a savior in the plan to attract the attention of the audience again.

After this change, the Barbaroslar series received stronger returns from the audience and the step taken worked. Towards the season finale of the Barbaroslar series, it was revealed that the character of Meryem will leave the story.

After Pelin Akil, it was revealed that Engin Altan Düzyatan would say goodbye to the series. Cemre Gümeli also joined these names. It turned out that the actress will leave the story in the 32nd episode. Cemre Gümeli fans are already waiting for new project news.

Born in 1993 in Istanbul, the young actress has been on the sets since 2016. Cemre Gümeli, who started acting with the series Tatlı İntikam (Sweet Revenge), gained experience in the TV series Servet. The actress, who made a big break with the character of Cansu in the series Elimi Bırakma, then made a big impression with the character of Deniz in Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong).

The Barbaroslar  series was written in his career as a successful project on behalf of the actress.

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