Artists News 40 days that changed Esra Bilgiç’s life!

40 days that changed Esra Bilgiç’s life!


Esra Bilgiç, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Oktay Kaynarca, Birand Tunca held their second meeting on social media. The team, which launched a support campaign for the benefit of the Turkish Cancer Society last week, also talked about what they did in quarantine days.

Esra Bilgiç said that she had been at her home in Ankara for 40 days and she was studying. She also mentioned that she made an effort to improve herself in this process by watching both books and various movies and documentaries.

Esra Bilgiç stated that Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado watched the documentary The Salt of The Earth, which tells about her important work and life, and that she opened new doors.

Esra Bilgiç said, “It was a very beautiful documentary. It tells about the life of a very famous photographer, from another point of view. It was incredibly beautiful, it opened incredibly different doors. I even wrote and worked on it, took it to different places.”

Explaining that he has been at home for more than 40 days in Ankara, she has read many books during this period, and Esra Bilgiç said, “It has been completely inward for me. This is exactly what I want to do after this process. I want to stay like this. I want a period in my life “.