Artists News Beren Saat is satisfied with her life

Beren Saat is satisfied with her life


Famous actress Beren Saat is rarely among the names who share on social media. TShe, who shared her home, shared happiness with her dogs.

The famous actress was criticized for not following the 14-day quarantine rule after he returned from abroad due to the coronavirus outbreak. Beren Saat, who tried to be protected from the virus in her house in the following period, was appreciated by her sharing, which showed that she was happy at home.

Nur Fettahoğlu, Beyza Şekerci, Ahsen Eroğlu conveyed their love with heart emojis. Famous screenwriter Ece Yörenç left a message saying “I missed it very much”. Beren Saat responded by saying “Me too”.

She, who was very popular with the Atiye series, met with her fans thanks to the Netflix project. Season 2 of Atiye was filmed but not yet released.

In addition, approval was given for the 3rd and 4th seasons of the series.