Artists News Beren Saat or Farah Zeynep Abdullah? Bihter role started discussions!

Beren Saat or Farah Zeynep Abdullah? Bihter role started discussions!


The character of Bihter, played by Beren Saat in the TV series Aşk-ı Memnu (Forbidden Love), will this time be played by Farah Zeynep Abdullah in the movie version of the story. For this reason, comparisons of two successful actors began to be made.

Beren Saat is among the unforgettable names with the character of Bihter, which she portrayed years ago. There was a process where Aşk-ı Memnu was successful worldwide and Beren Saat’s popularity increased in many countries.

Years later, the story, which is the subject of the Aşk-ı Memnu series, will appear before the audience again with the movie Bihter. Farah Zeynep Abdullah will play the most important female character of the story this time.

Many people are well aware that the performances of Beren Saat and Farah Zeynep Abdullah will be compared.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah, who received great praise for her performance in the movie where the life story of singer Bergen is told, has been on the sets since 2010 and has managed to become one of the most talked about actresses with her impressive performances.

Nebahat Çehre played the character of Firdevs in Aşk-ı Memnu. In the movie version, this time you will watch Hande Ataizi.

The actress, who left the character of Cana in the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) last month, will be on the sets for the movie Bihter, which is expected to attract a lot of attention this time.

When asked about the comparison of Beren Saat and Farah Zeynep Abdullah, the following words of Handa Ataizi drew attention:

“It was an apple and a pear, but one is a TV series and one is a movie. I really like Farah. I am asked, ‘Who is your favorite actress?’ It will be a bit ambitious, but I can say Farah… I just met, it wasn’t my friend either. It will be fun to play with her…”

Expressing her excitement to be involved in a different project, Hande Ataizi also states that she is very happy to be involved in such a job.