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6 July 2022 19:01


A big surprise in The Ottoman

‘The eagerly anticipated principality of The Ottoman’s 40th episode, which was eagerly anticipated and followed with enthusiasm, was realized. Kayı gentlemen fully participated in the principality to which Bamsı Bey acted as spokesperson. Savcı Bey, who thought that his uncle would support him, was greatly disappointed in the toy, where Dündar Bey, who attracted some Kayı Beys to his side by giving gold, came to the fore in a surprise.

When Osman Bey and Dündar Bey received five votes each, the vote to determine the Kayı Bey remained with the Savcı Bey. The prosecutor said, “I cannot deceive anyone looking in the eye. But my emm is cheating! Look into my eyes for days, look at my emm, who is lying to me, cheating me, hitting me in the back. So you want to be a gentleman, so you seduced some people and secretly pulled you to your side ”and reacted to Dündar Bey.

The prosecutor said, “I prefer a dagger that rests on my throat to a dagger that goes into my back. I prefer those who roar in my face to those who hiss after me. I would prefer the beech’s fortune to be destroyed by a dreamer’s dreams rather than by an inventor’s refutation with his lies. I will give my head to my garde Osman. He knows whether we will fight the non-Greek or the Mongols together. What can I say; When he voted for Osman Bey, saying, let’s die and not crawl, Bamsı Bey said, “With the vote of Kayı Beys, Osman Bey, son of Ertuğrul Gazi, son of Süleyman Şah, is the new Bey of Kayı. He declared Osman Bey to be bey with the words “May Allah be successful”.

However, Osman Bey had an objection to the election held in this way: “We will not have our election like this! I do not accept such an acquired principality. Obviously, someone’s consent was bought with gold. Someone was promised a principality and then deceived. Gentlemen! Here we choose Kayı Bey. The will and consent of the people embodied… Someone who accepts to be elected like this and consents to this cannot manage the Kayı; should not. Is this the foundation of the state we will establish? I am Ertuğrul Gazi’s son, Osman Bey! I would like you to choose me as a bey for the state I will establish, for the cities I will conquer, for the great civilization I stand at its dawn. I would like you to choose me because I am worthy of the principality. ”

Thereupon, it was decided to recount the votes. Affected by Osman Bey’s speech, the Kayı Beys decided to change their votes in favor of Dündar and support Osman Bey.

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