A bomb-like third season awaits the audience in Kardeşlerim series!
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30 September 2022 09:49


A bomb-like third season awaits the audience in Kardeşlerim series!

ATV’s two seasons successful series meets the audience on Saturday evenings. The series bids farewell to the season with the final episode to be broadcast this Saturday evening. The introduction from the season finale of the series gives the audience the signs that a bomb-like new season awaits.

ATV’s popular series, Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), will bid farewell to the season with its 56th episode to be broadcast on Saturday, June 11th. The series will appear in front of the audience again in September with new episodes and new characters.

The first promotion came in the season finale of the series, which will go on summer vacation on Saturday evening. The images in the promotion show that the third season is pregnant with explosive stories. As we can see in the promotion, the Eren brothers will finally see the rewards of their good deeds and they will move into a wonderful house inherited from Aunt Sevgi.

Another striking image in the promotion is between Akif and Nebahat. It seems that Nebahat, whom Akif has always made a fool of, will take over everything and put Akif in front of the door with nothing.

All these are signs that the third season of Kardeşlerim series will come with great stories. As in previous seasons, new characters and players are expected to join the series. New participants will be announced at the end of August.

ATV’s Kardeşlerim series, which has been going on for two seasons successfully and helped many young actors make a big breakthrough in their careers, was at the top every week in its first season. In the second season, his throne was shaken by TRT 1’s Gönül Dağı series broadcast on the same evening and it fell to the second place. It is estimated that the series will make a big attack to regain its throne in the third season.

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