A claim about the Hakim series, adapted from Your Honor, is not true!
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27 November 2022 08:37


A claim about the Hakim series, adapted from Your Honor, is not true!

Preparations continue for the adaptation of the TV series Your Honor. There are also various allegations about the project, which will be broadcast on ATV under the name of Hakim.

One of these claims was the information that Oktay Kaynarca could take part in this project.

There were some evaluations that this project could also be the Hakim series. But this turned out to be not true. Adapted from the Israeli television series Kvodo, Your Honor attracted great attention in the United States at the time of its release.

Important preparations are being made for Your Honor, for which Limon Film has acquired the broadcasting rights in Turkey. Soner Caner and Erkan Tunç will direct the series written by Yılmaz Şahin. The series to be broadcast on ATV has nothing to do with Oktay Kaynarca’s new project. In addition, Haluk Bilginer’s name was previously mentioned for the project. However, the master actor signed with the new Show TV series called Baba. There are claims that the reason for this is the delay in the Hakim series.

Oktay Kaynarca and director Onur Tan are preparing a very different series of projects for ATV. Work continues for the new series, which will tell the story of a painful woman and a man with a tough character. Oktay Kaynarca also said that the project will be on the screen by September at the latest, and gave the message to his fans that he will return to TV series.

It is an important detail that Onur Tan and Oktay Kaynarca act together. Another detail is that Oktay Kaynarca will not only take the lead role in this new series, but also take on the responsibility as a producer.

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