A fan of Kardeşlerim made a poster! Other fans blasted the production company!
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27 March 2023 19:24


A fan of Kardeşlerim made a poster! Other fans blasted the production company!

The huge fan base of Kardeşlerim, one of the most successful works of ATV last season, is waiting for the new season. The new season of the series comes to the screen with the first episode tomorrow night. Fans of Kardeşlerim series do not sit idle in this process.

The excitement has already started for the series “Kardeşlerim”, which is preparing to come to us tomorrow evening with its new actors. The promotions of the series are breaking records on social media. The success of the series, which started with young actors and small claims, is met with surprise.

The fan base of the series, Kardeşlerim, which attracts attention with its mostly young actors, is also very active. So much so that one of the fans of the series was not lazy and worked on a promotional poster. The poster featuring the young actors of the series was highly appreciated by other fans.

The poster of the series was admired so much that the works designed by the production company, NG Media, were also criticized. Even the fans of the series said that this should be the new poster of Kardeşlerim.

Twitter user Sherionyaz, who prepared the poster, also challenged the production company NG Media. Sherionyaz, in her tweet on her Twitter account, put the poster she prepared and the production company’s side by side, “Now put your hand on your conscience.. Is mine better? Is it yours?” asked.

Other fans of the series Kardeşlerim said that the poster prepared by Sherionyaz is much more beautiful.

Kardeşlerim series, whose new episodes are eagerly awaited, will be on the ATV screen at 20:00 tomorrow evening with the first episode of the new season.

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