Artists News A harsh script criticism from Demet Özdemir to the series producers!

A harsh script criticism from Demet Özdemir to the series producers!


Famous actress Demet Özdemir continues to appear as the leading actress in the Fox TV series named Adım Farah (Farah). The famous actress who creates a strong synergy with Engin Akyürek, is closely followed by her fans on social media.

Demet Özdemir revealed in an interview how influential social media has become on TV series recently. The famous actress stated that the scripts are now changed in both movies and TV series according to the demands and expectations of the audience.

In fact, although this is a well-known situation, it seems an important detail that an actor stated that some producers made significant changes in the script, especially based on comments received on social media.

Demet Özdemir also revealed how difficult this situation creates for the actors.

The famous actress, who complains about not knowing what point the character she is working with will progress from beginning to end, said, “The script changes with us on the way, additional scenes come and we learn it that day while shooting another scene. Of course, we work on the character, something is planned and constructed, but; “There are producers who shape this according to the rating and social media…” she explained.

Although these words of Demet Özdemir were like a confession of a well-known situation in the industry, her words about how difficult a process this was for the actors were also remarkable.

The famous actress made an important reproach by saying, “Characters do not end as they begin, so this is a very difficult thing for the actor because you have to play a character whose ending you cannot fully predict.”