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20 August 2022 09:04


A new bomb project from Fatih Artman, who does not accept Behzat Ç!

Fatih Artman, who was born in Ankara in 1988, won the love of millions of fans with the character of Harun he portrayed in the TV series Behzat Ç. Fatih Artman, who has become one of the legendary names of the series, will not be in Behzat Ç, which will appear in front of the audience again in 2022, as in 2019.

Fatih Artman, who is said that he does not want to be in the cast of the series because he has a quarrel with Erdal Beşikçioğlu, continues to take firm steps forward in his own way. After Behzat Ç, the actor, who took part in projects such as Beş Kardeş, Son Destan, Vatanım Sensin, made an effective debut with Menajerimi Ara last season.

The actor, who attracted attention with his role as Yasin in the Netflix series Bir Başkadır, in a way reminiscent of the behavior of the character of Harun in Behzat Ç, also appeared as a guest in the series Aşk 101.

In this period when it was talked about that Behzat Ç will appear in front of the audience on BluTV and the excitement increased, Fatih Artman was on the agenda with another project.

You will also watch Fatih Artman in the movie Yılbaşı ( New Year’s Day), which is one of the surprises of Disney Plus, prepared by Gülse Birsel.

The movie named Yılbaşı, which Gülse Birsel has been working on for a long time, tells about the funny events that took place on a buildings on Yılbaşı. The cast of the movie consists of very important names.

Besides Gülse Birsel; Agreements were reached with names such as Alina Boz, Ezgi Mola, Cengiz Bozkurt, İrem Sak, Alican Yücesoy, Serkan Keskin, Boran Kuzum, Büşra Pekin and Ayta Sözeri.

While Fatih Artman’s former co-star Behzat Ç is excited, he will be on the agenda with his comedy Yılbaşı movie.

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