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12 August 2022 12:10


Hazal Kaya is waiting! The priority is already clear!

Hazal Kaya, one of the most beloved actresses of the screen world, recently met with her fans on Netflix with the series “Midnight at the Pera Palace”. The successful actress is constantly in talks for new projects these days. But her priority is very clear.

Hazal Kaya came to the last screen with the guest series. Although this return of Hazal Kaya, who took a long break from the sets before that, was greeted with great excitement by her fans, the series succumbed to the rating monster and made an early finale. This situation made Hazal Kaya fans very upset.

However, Hazal Kaya soon appeared in front of her fans on Netflix, this time with the TV series “Midnight at the Pera Palace”. This period series, which Hazal Kaya started with Selahattin Paşalı in the lead role, created a big event in the days it was broadcast. The series was criticized by some and liked by others.

Hazal Kaya is still away from the sets for a long time. She is still doing a lot of interviews for new projects. However, hen priority is the second season of Midnight at the Pera Palace. The successful actress is waiting to go on the set for Midnight at the Pera Palace, which has recently been announced that the second season will be shot.

While the beautiful actress is waiting for this extraordinary, she continues to have other talks. In an interview with Elle magazine, Hazal Kaya said that she is in talks for some projects, but nothing has been finalized. The successful actress said that she also made deals for the commercial.

The actress, who has been using social media effectively lately, frequently shares with her fans, fans and followers. While giving advice from the movies he watched, she also reflects pleasant moments from her daily life. Her photographs with her son, Fikret Ali, are followed with particular interest.

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