A new name has joined the cast of Netflix's new series Terzi, which gets things right!
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31 January 2023 20:16


A new name has joined the cast of Netflix’s new series Terzi, which gets things right!

A new name has joined the cast of Netflix’s new series Terzi (Tailor), which has also solved its last problem by determining the new lead female actress. The shooting of the series, starring Çağatay Ulusoy and Şifanur Gül, is progressing at full speed.

The new series, whose name has changed from Süslü Korkuluk (Fancy Scarecrow) to Terzi (Tailor), will be screened on Netflix. It is stated that the shooting of the fourth episode of the Terzi series, which solved the last problem with the selection of the young actress Şifanur Gül for the leading female cast, which was vacated after the departure of the leading actresses of the series, Alina Boz and Esra Bilgiç, is still continuing.

In the meantime, another young name has joined the cast of the Terzi series, which is extremely powerful. It was stated that one of the new talents, Elif Gezer, will take a role in the Terzi series. Born in 1996, Elif Gezer graduated from Karabuk University Radio and Television Programming Department in 2017.

Elif Gezer made her acting debut with the TV series “Darısı Başımıza”. She then took part in ambitious productions such as Gülperi, Hercai and Kırmızı Oda, respectively. The young actress previously worked with Terzi’s director Cem Karcı in the TV series Gülperi and Hercai. There is no information yet about the character Elif Gezer will play in the Terzi series.

The Terzi series, where the crises never end, continues to shoot despite all the negative developments. The series sounds so ambitious that it even managed to break one of Netflix’s principles. Normally, if the first season is liked, Netflix, which will continue, has agreed with Terzi for three seasons from the very beginning. The series is expected to be released on Netflix towards the end of 2022.

Despite this great shortcoming, the shooting of the series, in which the two female lead actors have been separated, continues. As a matter of fact, one of the actors of the series, Ece Sükan, answered the questions of the journalists a few days ago and said that everything went well on the set and that everyone was very good.

In addition to Çağatay Ulusoy, Şifanur Gül and Ece Sükan, there are master names such as Salih Bademci, Olgun Şimşek and Engin Şenkan.

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