Series News A new season full of surprises in BluTV’s Bonkis series!

A new season full of surprises in BluTV’s Bonkis series!


A new season full of surprises in BluTV’s Bonkis series!
“Bonkis”, a special production of Turkey’s leading video platform BluTV, will meet its audience on the roads this time with a much more hopeful, colorful and entertaining season, even though its door has been locked. In the second season of the series, which will take place only on the popular platform, very soon, surprise names will be included in the cast.

The special production of BluTV, ‘Bonkis’, which presents a humorous story where Deniz’s love life, which she cannot please, the parents she cannot please, and the cafe ‘Bonkis’, which she tries to keep alive, will find common points in their own lives by turning the camera, went on the set for its second season. . In the new season of the series, which offers a story of a sought-after and missed woman, written and starring Deniz Tezuysal, things change completely and Bonkis hits the road with her caravan.

In the series, where the audience is waiting for a much more colorful, bright, inspiring and hopeful season, the team we know from the first season is on their way to the festival in Bozcaada. Even though the cafe is locked, Deniz, who does not give up, will be eagerly awaited what will happen this time. The effort to transform Bonkis into a “feminist pavilion” before hitting the road will give the audience a lot of fun.

In the new season of the series starring Vildan Atasever, Öykü Naz Altay and Sergen Deveci, surprise names are also included in the cast. In the second season, Michael Önder, who is known for her movie ‘Taksim Hold’em’, which has received praise from many international festivals, sits in the director’s chair.

‘Bonkis’, which will place fascinating nature scenes in its background and moments of laughter in its center, will meet with the audience only on BluTV with its new season that will not slow down even for a moment.