The second season of Bonkis series starring Vildan Atasever begins
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25 March 2023 01:20


The second season of Bonkis series starring Vildan Atasever begins

The countdown begins for the special production “Bonkis”, which hit the hearts of the audience with its unique narrative language and story, in the first season of BluTV, Turkey’s leading domestic online video platform, which attracts the admiration of audiences from all ages and walks of life with its special productions. The second season of ‘Bonkis’ is only on BluTV on January 18 with its colorful, fun and adventurous episodes…

Vildan Atasever will meet her fans once again in this series. The actress has a large audience and her new role was also appreciated in the first season.

The second season of BluTV special production “Bonkis”, which conveys the problems of the modern world woman with a realistic language through Deniz (Deniz Tezuysal), who has a tragicomic life, will meet the audience with all its episodes on Tuesday, January 18th. Shortly before the start of ‘Bonkis’, the first trailer of the series was released.

While the trailer presents sections from the colorful and funny moments that Deniz and her friends encounter on the way to Bozcaada to set sail for a brand new adventure, it also gives clues about the extraordinary events that will happen to the team, which will make the audience laugh out loud.

Surprises will not be missing in the second season of ‘Bonkis’, which increases the excitement of the audience with the feminist pavilion in its teaser and where colorful names such as Hayal Köseoğlu and Nuri Harun Ateş are guests. The series, which will bring summer in the harsh days of winter, will tell the issues of love, friendship and standing alone in today’s world in the most entertaining and original way.

‘Bonkis’, with Deniz Tezuysal, Vildan Atasever, Öykü Naz Altay and Sergen Deveci in the cast, which Tezuysal is also the creator and Michael Önder is in the director’s chair, will be the members of BluTV with its second season starting January 18th. It is getting ready to take a pleasant journey to the south.

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