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7 July 2022 03:48


A new shock to the fans of the Gönül Dağı series!

Gönül Dağı series has become one of the most popular TV series of the last period. New names have joined the series, which continues its second season assertively. Along with the expansion of the story, it is noteworthy that the romances also increase.

Gönül Dağı, the number one TV series on Saturday evenings, will take its place on the screen with its 39th episode this week. However, the 40th episode of the series, which is expected to air next week, will not be on the screen.

In the announcement made by TRT1, it was reported that the Gönül Dağı series will not be on Saturday, November 13. Instead of the series, you can watch the Turkey – Gibraltar football match, which is the 2022 World Cup qualifying fight.

Fans of the Gönül Dağı series will not be able to watch the 40th episode next week due to the national football match. The new episode will air with a week delay. If nothing goes wrong, the 40th episode of the Gönül Dağı series is expected to be broadcast on Saturday, November 20 at 20:00.

The shooting of the series continues in the Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir. Everything is going well in the crew of the TRT1 series, starring Berk Atan and Gülsim Ali İlhan, and there is a cheerful atmosphere on the set.

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