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6 July 2022 12:51


Zalim İstanbul’s Ceren, Bahar Şahin, learned German in a short time for her new series!

Actress Bahar Şahin, who made her debut with the character of “Ceren” in the Zalim İstanbul series broadcast on Kanal D, will come to the screen with the series called Duran, which was shot for the Gain digital platform in December.

Bahar Şahin, who will share the lead role with Oktay Çubuk in the series, will give life to the character named ‘Aslı’. The actress, who is on the cover of the November issue of Mag Magazine, made striking statements about her new series Duran in an interview with the magazine.

Some scenes of Duran, which tells the story of a boxer, were shot in Germany. Bahar Şahin said that for the character she played, she had to learn German in time, “It is a really difficult language. Learning and playing in such a short amount of time has been both a frightening and enjoyable experience for me.”

Stating that she will turn the corner with her new role, the actress said, “Projects published on digital platforms are more free in terms of acting, as a result, the restrictions on television do not exist on digital platforms. This allows you to reflect the character more realistically.”

The actress asked, “Are you at the point where you want to be in your life right now?” She answered the question as follows: “I think the journey, the desire to learn and success are things that always go on. Therefore; Of course, my journey towards my goal continues. I can say that I am happy where I am today.”

Stating that she met a producer by chance at a family dinner in her previous interviews and started acting after that, Şahin said, “I didn’t find acting, acting came and found me. As I entered this world, I became attached to my job and could not break away.”

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