Series News Bahar Şahin has become the key point of the story in the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu

Bahar Şahin has become the key point of the story in the TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu


Tetikçinin Oğlu (The Shooter’s Son) series continues to meet the audience on Fox TV. The fact that the ratings of the series were not at the desired level was the issue that worried those who liked the story very much. And when the broadcaster of the series is Fox TV, those who think about the productions that have been spent so far can not help but be uneasy.

The TV series Tetikçinin Oğlu, which made a good debut with its first episode on Tuesday evenings, met the opposite of the expectation that it would get better ratings in the second episode, and its ratings decreased. What will happen in the ratings in the third episode is now of great importance. In the new episode, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, April 25, the leading actors, consisting of Şevket Çoruh, Timuçin Esen and Genco Özak, will once again have exciting moments.

There is nothing İskender wouldn’t do to catch Korkmaz and his son Metin in the series. However, the key to the story is in the character of Sibel. Despite her previous major debuts, Bahar Şahin is not the lead character in the TV series “Tetikçinin Oğlu”, but as a side character. However, the character of Sibel, which she plays, holds the key to the story.

The fact that Sibel is both Metin’s indispensable love and her relationship with Yunus, who killed Yiğit, reveals her as the name that will mark the future of the series.

Yunus told Sibel that he had killed Yiğit and threatened her not to speak. However, this time, the truth emerges that Metin’s lover is Sibel, and it is unclear what Yunus will do at this point. In the following episodes, the fact that İskender will direct his anger due to the death of his son to Yunus will increase the excitement of the series.

Sibel now has to join the escape story of Korkmaz and Metin, and this explains that the next episodes of the series will be very action-packed.

Bahar Şahin has never been in such an action-packed role before, and a brand new experience has emerged for the actress. The fans, who remember the successful drama performance of the young actor in the Zalim Istanbul series, realize that the story will be locked on this character in the TV series “Tetikçinin Oğlu”.

Bahar Şahin complained about the lack of scenes with Şevket Çoruh and Timuçin Esen in her statement about the series. It seems that in the coming episodes, it will gradually progress towards these scenes.